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Human, presumably



Alpha was one of the five souls contained within the Experiment. No one remembers what he was like as a human, before he committed suicide in the Experiment's chamber and became one of the souls powering the machine. Within the computer, he rarely ever spoke up, but when he did, he was cryptic and vaguely malicious, and spoke all lowercase with no ending punctuation. Since he rarely spoke, no one knew what his intentions were, but the other four souls insisted that he not be trusted. Delta has found pictures of what he used to look like, and reacts to them with a vague sense of unease that he can't quite describe.

He was the only one of the five souls who was unable to be reconstructed, as his soul self-destructed upon being placed in the Reconstructor. It's unknown why.


According to the pictures Delta has, Alpha had black hair in life, tied up into a sleek ponytail. He wore a black, red and yellow uniform, with a dull red cape overtop of it. Oddly, in every picture available, his eyes are hidden, either behind someone else or in shadow. The pictures carry a strange dark vibe that unsettles the other Souls.


  • [A] who are you, tell me your name
  • [A] don't stay here too long, you might die
  • [A] don't bother


  • Alpha, along with the other four Souls, was based on the Vocaloid song The Experiment.


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