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Apollyon is a strange being born from the catastrophic nuclear meltdown that killed Oria. Rising from the toxic sludge in the core of the reactor, Apollyon's first moments of life were spent discovering that his home planet was dead and empty. Since then, he been a stalwart survivor, defending himself from the mutated, grasping plants of the planet- the only things to survive the choking fallout- and attempting to befriend those living things that come to the planet. Unfortunately, he does far more harm than good, as he gives off critically high levels of atomic radiation that cause severe sickness at close range; coming in contact with him can scorch skin, and destroy further body tissue if contact is mantained for too long.

He is rather kind, but quite defensive, and his vocabulary is a little small. He has some extremely basic knowledge of nuclear radiation (that it's usually green and very bad for people), but he doesn't quite grasp what exactly it is.

His one human friend is Akisame, since her Health-enchanted scarf protects her from his radioactive nature. He loves her with all his heart and would protect her with every bit of strength he has- though he has learned not to touch her, since physical contact gets through the counteractive magic and still burns her.


Apollyon has dull yellowish skin with numerous green speckles across his face and arms- which, by the way, he has four of. His hair is a dull yellowish-brown and very scraggly, and he has metallic blade-foot legs, alongside bright green psuedomechanical wings. He wears an outfit consisting of a yellowish-and-black gas mask, a green and black skeletal chestplate, and tattered black pants. Wherever he goes, a green aura of radiation follows.


[Apollyon is apparently capable of speech, but his voice is very distorted, sounding similar to the Horror from Nuclear Throne. His sentences can be fairly easily deciphered into proper English, however.]

  • "Are you...a friend?"
  • "Something about me is bad. It burns people...I don't know what it is."
  • "Hey! What are you holding up to me? Is it a weapon? ...Is it crackling...?"


  • Apollyon was designed while listening to Atomic Renegade.


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