Avis "Lone Bird" Ilmatar




Formerly human, turned angel



Balancer Alignment

No Victus, acts neutral

Avis Ilmatar, also known as "Lone Bird", is a travelling angel who lives on the Laughing Dragon, in Windsong. She is unusual in that she originates from a mysterious universe far away from Harmonia's resident submultiverse; how she arrived in Harmonia and how she has remained in the universe without spacetime correcting the error is as of yet unknown. She is dedicated to doing what is right, no matter what method she must use along the way, and when she stumbles upon an island in peril while aimlessly exploring Neo Skylands, she will almost always land there to try and find a way to help. She is a highly sarcastic person with a very dry sense of humor, and never goes one mission without finding something to snark at.


Avis wears a light grey blouse vest over a short-sleeved white shirt, with a red skirt, fancy embroidered leggings and light red shoes. This was her favorite outfit as a human. She has short, light grey hair and dark pink glasses, and as part of her angel appearance, she has small, feathered white wings and a faintly glowing gold halo. She wields an oceanic-looking trident (shown as a spear in her Recolor image due to item limitations), which she claims to have obtained from the same event that turned her into an angel. Her skin is dusted with slightly luminescent, gold glitter-like speckles.


  • "Wanna know how weird my universe is? I fought a god and I won. How's that for nonsense?"
  • "No, no, no, I'm not gonna do that again. I've done enough godly asskicking for one life, thank you very much. Besides, your gods seem a lot nicer than ours."
  • "Something's wrong. I don't feel well...didn't you say this universe has strong borders and such?"


  • Avis is directly lifted from Silvie's Poptropica character, named Lone Bird. Her spear is Poseidon's, gained from the Mythology Island quest. (Her "fought a god" thing is from the same source- she gained her angelic status after taking down a power-hungry Zeus.)
  • Due to being from another universe, Avis's body follows entirely different rules than Harmonians' bodies- she has no Victus, for one. She occasionally "glitches" in a manner similar to Harmonian Constructs, in what is believed to be spacetime attempting to fix itself, but to date, it has not worked. She does, however, describe it to be agonizingly painful.
  • She never travels without her bird companion.


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