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Neutral, naturally

Calandra is a girl possessed by a demon, residing in the Bladewood Grove. The "demon" possessing her is known as Azakkon. She's actually possessed by a Voidling masquerading as a demon- demons in Harmonia are generally morally grey, at worst, and the only well-documented "evil" one's name is not Azakkon. She was a perfectly normal and sweet girl until the Darkest of Times arc, which left Voidlings all across Harmonian Earth and brought a sort of dark age for Lower Earth (Skylands could generally deal with it). Most of the Voidlings were killed when Gaia hatched from the planet and created Neo Skylands, but a few- like Azakkon- sought refuge inside the bodies of humans, and Calandra was one of their victims.

The human soul is quite resilient compared to that of any other body a Voidling could have possessed, so Calandra generally keeps Azakkon under control subconsciously. She's developed severe mental illnesses since he arrived, however, showing symptoms of clinical anxiety in particular. Anxiety attacks and bouts of self loathing are not uncommon for her. This is partially because she is not at all lucid or aware when Azakkon is in control, so she's been led to believe that Azakkon is simply a part of her that recently manifested. One moment she's fine, and the next thing she knows, she wakes up surrounded by blood and death. (There are, however, occasions where Azakkon only partially manifests, and Calandra remains conscious for those- she, however, has had her mind tampered with by Azakkon so she can't see his manifestation, only feel it. It's, of course, immensely painful and terrifying for her.)

Traditional exorcism tactics don't work on Azakkon, since he's a Voidling and not a demon. Technically, since Voidlings are Omega Chaos-based creatures, Azakkon could be purged from Calandra's system by Omega Ordos or Harmonios magic, but since Khalid is dead and Ayako doesn't even know Earth exists, she's kind of screwed on that front until Victa dies and gives way to the next Shadowblood life. She currently lives with Lamya, Nyx and Nala, finding solace and sympathy in Lamya.


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  • Calandra is inspired by the Vocaloid song Exorcism.


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