Separate from the main rules, these are the chat rules. Please read them before entering the chat.


  • Debating in the chat is allowed, but do not let it escalate into a full-on flame war. [Warning to temporary ban; admin's discretion]
  • Please do not spam or flood the chat. [Major temporary ban; will escalate to severe or permanent if behavior continues]
  • Please do not call others names to insult them. Playful name-calling is fine (i.e. one person calling their friend a "nipple" with no intention to insult them), but intentionally insulting someone is not allowed. [Normal to severe temporary ban, depending on offensiveness]
  • The rule of showing respect to all users applies double here- absolutely do not make fun of anyone in the chat for any reason. [Temporary ban]
  • Posting links in the chat is allowed, as long as no links to shock sites or anything else inappropriate is posted. If you do not mean to shock someone with your link, but you did anyway, apologize promptly. [Warning if shock is accidental and not apologized for; temporary ban if shock is intentional]
  • Entering the chat, greeting others, then immediately going AFK with no warning is not allowed. Let us know if you're AFK (away from keyboard). [Kick]
  • Chat games like roleplay are allowed if the topic is not rude. [Person who started roleplay will be kicked in the case of an offensive topic; all others will be warned]