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Cobra Serpynt






Alucard [Castlevania: Symphony of the Night]

Balancer Alignment

Neutral; formerly Chaotic

Cobra Serpynt is a former assassin who once worked for the Shadowblood, turned guard for Laurel. When he worked for the Shadowblood, he stealthily picked off those that he was sent to kill, and occasionally kidnapped those the Shadowblood saw as worthy of corruption. One of his capture victims was Laurel, and due to this he indirectly caused the downfall of Khautagozd. Once he realized what he had done, he snapped from the Shadowblood's possession of him and turned against him, calling upon Alessio to save the Forest and protect him from the Shadowblood's wrath.

Now that the incident is over, Cobra fiercely protects Laurel and her home with all his might, warning off those he suspects of being dangerous and flat-out killing those who pose an obvious threat. He also wishes to take down the Shadowblood- but he needs to gain control of his dark magic, gained from his time as an assassin, before he can do this. He is remarkably cool and collected, showing very little emotion when doing his job- but he is very warm and loving around Laurel- he does have a crush on her, after all.


Cobra's body is flecked with black scales, which gather at his hands and at his hips, where his draconic legs begin- alongside this, he has a tail, which is thin and easily movable. He has horns starting from just above the eyebrows, curving upward. He wears an assassin's hood and overskirt over a fairly simple vest, all gold to signify his serving under Laurel. His eyes are solid gold with a slit pupil.

When he worked under the Shadowblood his eyes were red, and his outfit was black.


  • "I will protect you with my life, Laurel."
  • "I will not cease my attack because of a threatening speech."
  • "That's not who I am anymore...I'm far, far past that now."


  • His purpose in Khautagozd is somewhat inspired by Alucard, who is also his voiceclaim.
  • He was adopted from Almei.

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