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Coloria de Arth is the last known Irisian, and the last survivor of the Poizened invasion of the Color Isles. Times have changed for this former crafty rogue. She didn't escape the invasion completely unscathed- she was exposed to tiny amounts of Poizen toxin when fleeing, which has made her quite weak and given her a rather bleak outlook. She looks back on her past with displeasure and hints of longing, wishing she could go back to the life she once had but begrudgingly accepting her inability to fight- and her inability to save her race. She's a depressed, apathetic and introverted mess of a person, generally avoiding people, but has one close friend in Amisi- who tries her absolute best to help Coloria fight through everything that's happened to her.

The miniscule amounts of Poizen toxin in her blood have resulted in a situation similar to Beryl- she has just enough in her blood for it to be wildly toxic, but not enough to actually spread the Poizened infection or infect her directly. She has enough strength to push that dagger of hers into flesh if she must fight, and she will occasionally cut herself with it in a specific spot on her arm in order to coat it in toxic blood. This is effectively harmless to her as Irisians have quick regeneration, but has left a purplish-black, veiny scar in the spot where the cut is usually made (not visible here due to camera angle; it's on her right arm)


Coloria's outfit is dark pink and consists of a ribboned pink-and-black vest, a dull pink overskirt, and dull pink pants with black boots. Her hair is a sort of honey blonde and tied into a loose ponytail, and her eyes are bright pink- a common color in Irisians. She has faint freckles.


  • "Just...give up. I did."
  • "I wish I had the power to save my kind...I was such a coward. Pathetic..."
  • "Someday, I'll find my strength...and when I do, that Poizen bastard will pay for what he did...oh, what am I saying? That's not true."


  • She was originally owned by Lpcarver, but was given to Silvie out of dissatisfaction with her design and bio.


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