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Corona is a Corowulf native to the highlands of Ghiria, coming from a small tribe of mountain Corowulves. She is bubbly, friendly and excitable, typical of Corowulves, but is also the best of the four Guardians at reasoning and puzzle-solving- codebreaking is her specialty.

Upon arriving in Dragon Valley shortly after getting lost, she met X, Ruby and Sycarn, one after another, and eventually became close friends with all three. When the world was threatened by the former god Erodon, she was an effective bonding agent that brought the four together, creating the emotional bond behind the Guardians of the Valley. Currently, she lives in Dragon Valley with the other Guardians.


Corona has an appearance typical of Corowulves, having a rather normal vulpine body beyond her peculiar diamond-shaped ears and tail, and her long, pointy snout. Her fur is a very bright blue- brighter than normal for mountain Corowulves- with diamond patterns in places. Her eyes are bright green.


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  • Corona was originally an OC created for "Crossover X", a hellish, plagiarizing amalgalmate of a young Silvie's numerous fandoms. This was the sprouting point of Drakhallios mythos.
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