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 Crim Dustvine is a former member of Galego's gang. Born after the big melt and kidnapped when she was just a baby, she was raised by Galego into a life of crime and evil. Destruction and corruption are all she's ever known, and she doesn't know how to break away from her past, letting it drag her down and tear her up inside. She was taken in by Adeline and the others after running away in a fit of anxiety and self loathing, and while she understands that they're good people who love her like they love each other, she doesn't know how to open up to them yet and is too emotionally numb to even know if she loves them back. She's very avoidant and always dodges questions about her past, refusing to say anything more than the fact that she's done bad things. The only person she feels comfortable enough around to vent to is Adeline, and there are things she hides even from her.

Her bottled up emotions and past trauma have given her deep psychological issues, with a mix of anxiety and depression locking her emotions in a turbulent mess. She has a phobia of dead flora and fauna, brought upon her by vague memories of Galego's withered grey vines. She knows it's irrational and she hates it, but the sight of decay can easily trigger her anxiety and often even cause her to faint. Blood doesn't trigger her phobia, which she herself finds a little odd.


Crim wears an entirely red outfit, a leftover from her days in Galego's gang. She wears a dark red scarf, a tattered red shirt, and red pants, fingerless gloves, and boots. Her hair, while naturally honey blonde, is dyed light red, and cut in a sidecut and short ponytail. Her shirt's sleeves were torn off during an anxiety attack.


  • "I-I just don't get it. I know you guys love me like one of your own, but...I'm not feeling it. It doesn't make sense..."
  • "...Listen. I don't want to talk about the shit I've done, okay? Sensitive subject."
  • "Look, I get it. You want to help me, you want to help me get over this, but I...I don't know how to help myself. I know I need to help myself before you can help me...but I...I can't. It's beyond me right now. Just...leave me alone."


  • She's very good at playing the guitar.


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