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Dr. Daimhin Cornflower





Drakhallian Aspect(s)

Water, Light

Daimhin Cornflower is a centaur and respected doctor from Dragon Valley. Cool and level-headed, he percieves every facet of a problem, be it a medical one or a more common issue, and always puts a solution together slowly and carefully. He's very mild mannered and caring, and doesn't want to upset anyone, so he takes everyone's thoughts into consideration before settling on a solution. This same sense of responsibility and determination to not let anyone down leads him to ask a lot of questions and almost overwork himself when he's on the job. It's not uncommon for his patients to get just as worried about him as he is about them!

Alongside his job as a doctor, he's also a very well-versed scholar when it comes to Drakhallian Aspects. He needs to be, considering how many Aspects can be a part of serious medical issues. While he'd easily be able to diagnose a Water-induced respiratory problem or anything to do with Poison or other inherently "dangerous" Aspects, there are still some things that even he doesn't know, and he's determined to learn as much as he can to be the best doctor and caregiver he can be. A regular patient of his is Gisela, which only frustrates him more. There are so many loose threads on her case that he can't seem to come to a final answer; he feels like he isn't getting any closer to truly helping her, and that deeply hurts him- but he tries his best either way.


A fair chunk of Daimhin's body is coated in thin, dark teal fur and flecked with white spots. He has the lower body, ears, and large antlers of a deer, and his hands end in hooflike digits, albeit more opposable than his actual hooves. He has lighter blue hair which he has in side-draped twists, and very big eyebrows, and his eyes are icy blue. On the job he'll usually wear a thin white coat over whatever outfit he chooses to wear, but when on break or off work you'll usually find him wearing his favorite puffy blue coat.


  • "Don't worry. This won't hurt a bit, and if it does, you can pinch me."
  • "I see the problem. Looks to be Light-induced aspect overexposure. Put some of this on it; it'll make it heal faster."
  • "We'll figure out what's going on with your burns eventually, I swear- and when we do, maybe I'll finally be able to help you heal. I promise."


  • Daimhin was originally intended for Harmonia mythos, but was moved to Drakhallios later on.


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