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Exka is an Arachnikin, a race of wooly arachnid humanoids from Akull. Most of Exka's life was spent hunting both for sustenance and for sport among his fellow Arachnikin, until the progressive spread of the Poizened caused Exka and many other Arachnikin to be evacuated by Reboot to Interstellite. Brought into an advanced world he had never known, Exka was intimidated and hid away for quite a long time. He and much of his Northern Arachnikin brethren made a home out of the Zitsulo Caverns, an abandoned mining cave to the north of Stargaze City. For years afterward, many people were afraid to explore the cave, once a common exploration site for interested geologists or nosy teenagers, because alien shrieks could be heard from deep within. It was brave monok Gizmo who finally ended the confusion by delving into the depths and finding Exka, who'd been hunting the creatures living within the cave.

Exka didn't know any languages other than that of Northern Arachnikin, so the first step toward bringing him into civilization was to teach him other languages. He's now fairly fluent in Stellin and also knows a bit of Monok. Having mostly learned the ways of Interstellite's modern lifeforms and, particularly, learned the rhythm of Stargaze City, the confused Arachnikin has opened up quite a lot and has turned out to be quite the extroverted person, if a little awkward around new people. He is very close friends with Gizmo and frequently visits him.


A fair chunk of Exka's body consists of a white exoskeleton, covered with short, thin hairs like those of an actual spider. Several gaps in his exoskeleton sprout dull blue wool, which is much thicker and softer, closer to the texture of a wire-haired dog's fur. He also has small pedipalps sprouting from the connection between his head and his neck. He has five almond-shaped blue eyes, arranged in an arc across his head, and two small mandibles can be seen at the corners of his mouth. He has six limbs- four arms and two legs- each of which carries a gradual gradient from white to blue.


  • "My apologies if my Stellin isn't the best. I am still learning."
  • "I haven't seen my homeworld in years. I wonder what's become of it."
  • "This weather reminds me of Akull!...What do you call this in Stellin? Snow?"


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