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Faroku Felis




Skydancer Dragon


Makoto Naegi [Danganronpa]

Balancer Alignment


 Faroku Felis is a Skydancer, and the current king of Windsong, taking up Sirenne's honor after she was killed. Much matured from his days of naivete, he is knowledgeable and very talented- both in leadership and in battle. He also has serious anxiety issues regarding the death of his surrogate family. He has since come back from his slump and is a laid-back and very friendly person, but will likely be traumatized for life.

During the events of Enter the Void, he saved a large chunk of the universe from Chazotin corruption, with the assistance of Khalid.


In his dragon form, Faroku is a typical male Skydancer. His main body is a light carmine, with spots and stripes across his back and face, known as the Vipera gene. His wings and other feathers are patterned in a way vaguely resembling poison dart frogs, with a goldenrod color. He also has a sparkling orange belly, and light yellow eyes- those of the Light flight.

In his human form all these patterns carry over. Apathy and depression resulting from his trauma has resulted in him looking much less formal than he used to; he wears an open jacket with slightly spiked shoulders and Vipera patterns, over a slightly sparkly orange shirt. His pants and shoes are red like his jacket. Several traits from his species carry over into his human form, specifically the tail, head feathers, forehead gem and antennae.


  • "Hey, uh, Sirenne...if you came back, then...where's my mom? Why isn't she back?"
  • "You guys are great and all,'s just not the same without them."
  • "Don't worry. I've got your back. Nothing's gonna hurt you so long as I'm around!"


  • He is an Extreme Small; probably the shortest of Eightball's FCs. (Vanna comes in at a close second.)
  • He is afraid of Zal'xon.
  • He has violent night terrors on a semi-regular basis, often involving the Shadowblood and caricatured, spiteful ghosts of the Heroes. Panic attacks tend to follow this.


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