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 Faroku Lazuli is the current king of Windsong, taking Sirenne's place after she was killed by Elidra. Having hatched a few years before the seal broke, Faroku had just gained the ability to shift into a human form when Sirenne died. The Heroes of Windsong found him wandering around in a mostly unoccupied wing of the castle afterward, having been risen there by Sirenne. They helped him get used to the rest of the castle and ruled cooperatively for a few years, until Faroku was old enough to take the helm. Faroku is much matured from his days of naivete and is a smart, effective leader, albeit very pacifistic. He has pretty bad anxiety issues following the Shadowblood's brief arrival in Windsong and Hyacinth's death, though he's still mostly functional as a person.


Faroku wears a long red coat, slightly too big for him, with golden decoration stitched along the edges. His shirt is bright orange with a golden trim along the collar. Both his pants and his coat have an orange underside, and are stitched in a rolled-up position on the sleeves and pantlegs. Faroku also wears a brown belt with a gold hexagonal buckle, and a golden headpiece with pale orangish wings attached to it. The wings are very soft. There's a small red gem on his forehead.


  • "Don't worry. I've got your back. Nothing's gonna hurt you so long as I'm around!"
  • "So you're the one that raised me, right? Sheesh, I barely remember. Other than you being less...well, corporeal, not much has changed."
  • "I never want to see that...thing on the island again. Just thinking about him gives me shivers."


  • He is an Extreme Small; probably the shortest of Silvie's OCs. (Vanna comes in at a close second.)
  • He is afraid of Zal'xon.
  • He has violent night terrors on a semi-regular basis, often involving the Shadowblood. Panic attacks tend to follow this.


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