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Gaia is a Cosmowurm, one of many throughout the universe. Born inside the Earth as a sort of magic generator for the newborn universe, she remained inside the Earth's core in an embryonic state for millennia, providing the budding Earth with enough magic to form sentient life. The gods forgot about the Cosmowurms for billions of years, until they began to hatch- Gaia was one of the later ones in the hatching cycle. When she hatched from the center of the Earth, it was torn asunder, but as she liked the life that had formed on the surface of her "egg", she held the planet together as well as she could with magic. She now serves as the planet's surrogate Divine Guardian, protecting it from corruption and pollution and doing her best to keep her "children" happy. For a creature incapable of speech, she is highly friendly and pleasant, normally happily swimming around beneath the Earth's fractured crust, now known as Neo Skylands. When the Earth is threatened, however, Gaia's vengeance knows no bounds.


Gaia resembles a massive eel with the head and flowing fins of a butterfly koi. Her body is coated in highly glossy and slightly iridescent scales, ranging from dark jade green to bright teal. Her fins are light green, tipped with blue, and she has long, flowing barbels. Her eyes are dark brown, flecked with gold.


  • [Gaia cannot speak, or even make any vocal sound for that matter.]


  • Gaia was mostly concieved as an answer to a loose end introduced early in Harmonia's life- why did Earth form sentient life with no Divine Guardian?
  • When the Earth is threatened in some way, Gaia's barbels begin to secrete a viscous green fluid that mutates life into more aggressive forms. These beings always attack whatever is threatening the planet. When the attack is over, the fluid turns pink and she can use it to revert the mutant warriors back to normal.


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