Twisted Vines

Haimon is a member of the Twisted Vines and is Galego's right hand man. No one knows exactly what he is, even though he looks human. He's manipulative and remorseless, but doesn't seem to show any emotion. He has unique powers which he usually uses in tandem with Galego. He usually holds back when not around her to give the illusion that he's basically harmless without her, but he is still a pretty big threat on his own.

He has control over a bright red fluid, which freezes when in contact with a source of heat. He can also freeze it at will to create deadly spikes or sharp blades. Typically he freezes them in such a way that they'll crack a little bit when used, depositing small ice crystals in the victim's body. This is a death sentence. If they manage to escape, it won't be long before the red ice consumes the victim's body fluids and freezes further, effectively crystallizing the victim from the inside. He himself is icy cold and generates no body heat, so if the fluid touches him, it'll roll off harmlessly.


Haimon wears a black and red vest that matches Galego's, along with red pants with black diamond patterns on the sides, a bright red shoulder drape, and black boots. His hair is blue-black and cut in a half shave, and he wears bright red glasses. He has a red nose stud.




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