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Isolara is a former Bladewood Grove teacher of elemental magic, who went rogue after her fire magic became unstable and volatile, killing every student she had that was with her at the time. What she didn't know then was that a lot of her most advanced fire spells, which she had been teaching at the time, were Dark Fire spells. The grief of killing her entire class, along with the pain and the natural corrupting force of dark magic, drove her to evil. She is nihilistic and believes that now that her entire class of students- her deepest passion- is gone, she has nothing more to live for and she may as well destroy all that surrounds her.

She's under He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Clause, as everyone in the Grove fears her to such a degree that they adamantly believe saying her name will get them killed. She is instead known as the Blackfeather Phoenix.


Isolara wears a red and yellow phoenix-patterned qipao over dark red leggings and reddish boots, as well as a dark red headband. Her skin is marked with several burns on her right side, originating from the incident that turned her to evil. Her hair is long and dark brown, and her eyes are bright red with black sclera. When she uses basic fire magic, smoke curls from her eyes; this turns to fire when she uses advanced magic or Dark Fire.


  • "I'll take this land and reduce it to ashes, for all I care."
  • "Nothing matters anymore. What I lived for has been burned away."
  • "People that I barely knew, that I only ever spoke to in lessons of fire magic, are gone, and I care."




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