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Jasper Avery is a teenage boy living in Kingfisher Palace, who was rescued by Jotun. His home was destroyed in the big melt, since his parents- who were in the midst of a power outage at the time- weren't alerted to the oncoming disaster. His parents were killed in the ensuing torrential flood, but he and Reese survived by clinging on to driftwood from their old house. They would have died had it not been for Jotun, who swept them up from the sea and carried them all the way to Kingfisher Palace.

Jasper and Reese now live with Jotun, and Jasper spends most of his time playing video games or organizing his figurines and other collectibles in his room. While he's generally fairly easygoing and hard to upset, he's a bit of a neat freak and gets more than a little annoyed with his brother's room. Messing with his collectibles is also a huge peeve of his.

He lost his legs in a car accident a few years before the big melt. He was driving with his father at the time, who was also hurt, but both of them survived the accident.


Jasper wears a black vest over a yellow shirt, a brown belt with metal medallions on it, and yellow shorts. He also usually has black-and-yellow winged headphones on, and never takes off the bandages around his arms- this is for comfort reasons more than anything. Replacing his legs are a pair of bladed prosthetics. His hair is brownish-blonde with several dyed yellow streaks in it, and his eyes are gold.


  • "Whoa-whoa-hey, don't touch that! That's super rare!"
  • "I don't want any of my stuff getting lost in your pigsty of a room. Stop messing with it."
  • "Jotun! I just cleaned Reese's room for him again."


  • Jasper was made for a Flipline Forum raffle, but was kept by Silvie, as she left the forum before she could raffle him off.


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