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Genderless, likes to be referred to by male pronouns





Balancer Alignment

Balancer of Order

The polar opposite of Elidra and a Balancer of order, Khalid was born nearly in tandem with Elidra and served to teach her how her powers worked and how the two countered each other and created balance. Unlike Elidra he was born with thorough knowledge of his purpose and magical abilities, as well as the history of those beings that had held his place in the world. He was no-nonsense and very focused on his purpose, and usually could not be trifled with Elidra’s destructive antics. He often also served to drop by and fix worlds that Elidra destroyed, although he didn't enjoy doing this- he saw it as a waste of his time; he needed to keep the balance mantained and fixing places was not doing that. Elidra eventually got him to lighten up, however, and he became sort of an eccentric father figure in a way- still rather serious, but having more of a sense of humor and being rather silly. He gets along quite well with Orianne in the True Heroes' Timeline.

In the inciting events of A Chaotic Tale, Khalid was murdered by the Shadowblood. His successor is Li-Hua (Aiyana in the Aiyana/Ciardha timeline). He is still alive in the True Heroes' Timeline.


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  • "Yes, yes, congratulations, pat on the back, all that other rubbish, but we have a balance to mantain!"
  • "We never were invincible, were we...?"
  • "...I-is that you?...Who...Who did this to you? I can't believe you've...ugh...I suppose I shouldn't talk about that. Well,'s nice to see you again. I've missed you so, so much."'


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