Khautagozd is a remarkably large island in Skylands, with plant life seen nowhere else on earth, in a similar way to Zaknon Isle- though, unlike Zaknon Isle's life, the plant life here evolved on its own. Long ago, the ruler of the island, Laurel, was captured by Cobra, and subsequently corrupted by Simon. When she returned later, the forest was corrupted by her new chaotic magic, turning the once-shimmering golden plants spiny, black, and sentient. Alessio then returned later to save his home, which had become extremely dangerous by then. With the help of the Heroes of Windsong, who had deemed the island a threat to Skylands, he cured the island of its corruption.

The island is covered with beautiful shimmering golden plants, which are harmless for the most part- although a few carnivorous plants left over from corruption are still large enough to nip at visitors. While the majority of the island is safe, the center is flooded with an unrelated form of magic- Warp magic, left over from Lamya's assorted magical experiments and eventual attempted suicide. The plants of this corrupted warp-zone are, thankfully, harmless, but bear purple leaves with glowing blue speckles. The real threat here is the assorted Warp shadows and other beings currently occupying this area of Khautagozd.


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