Labra is a peculiar crystalline golem, created by Khalid and living in Windsong in the True Heroes' Timeline. It is formed from rose quartz and diluted Angel Aura, and was made to replace Zaedhuth. According to Khalid, it was initially meant to be a normal dog, albeit made of crystal, but something went horribly wrong in the creation process. Despite its disturbing appearance, Labra is sweet, friendly and undyingly loyal to the Heroes, frequently begging for food and attention in the same way a normal dog would. It'd probably be pet more often if it had fur instead of hard crystal for an outer coat.


Labra resembles a bizarre chimera of dog and ant, with the faceless head of a dog and the thorax and abdomen of an ant, complete with eight canid legs sprouting from the thorax. It is about the size of a pony. Replacing its face is a deep hole in its head, from which a liquid form of Pure Aura drips; when threatening or attacking an enemy, sharp crystal shards resembling teeth snap down in this orifice. They are hidden within sheathes on the top and bottom of its "mouth". When excited, Labra's Pure Aura drool froths up and releases bubbles. If popped these release normal gaseous Pure Aura. Within the center of its body is a heart-shaped crystal of Pure Aura that keeps it animate.


  • Labra produces a peculiar droning sound similar to that of a tuning fork instead of barking, whining or anything of the sort. It produces this sound faintly at all times, but can manipulate its volume and frequency to produce more audible sounds.
  • Its body is hollow and it produces an unearthly, echoing "gonging" sound when struck. Phantasm has taken advantage of this and uses it as a "death bell", riding it into battle and striking it with their hooves. It feels no pain when this is done.
  • The only way to kill Labra is to manage to break through its hollow shell and remove its heart crystal. It will simply become an inanimate statue when this is done, but returning the crystal will reanimate it. This will also automatically heal any cracks or holes.
  • Labra was inspired by Endogeny from Undertale; its sharp teeth come from Nuclear Throne's Horror (who has been loosely compared to Endogeny a few times).