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 Nala Ibolya is a woman who lives in the Bladewood Grove with Lamya and Nyx, having moved from the much more dangerous Divine Archipelago. As a direct contrast to Nyx, she is very quiet and collected, having little interest in much socializing. She is also a skilled shaman, whose main area is dark magic. Formerly romantically interested in Nyx, she has since hooked up with Lamya, which Nyx is slightly bitter about but otherwise perfectly okay with.

She and Nyx are capable of regenerating, thanks to the red jewels they carry with them. They need these, as they are extremely unlucky.


Nala has blonde hair, wearing it in a long braid, with a purple bead on the end. She wears a purple robe, being slightly revealing (but not severely), and very dark purple shoes with lighter purple patterns.


  • "Evil is often dark, but dark is not always evil."
  • "Dark magic is like a horrific wraith, clawing at my insides, always wanting to get out..."
  • "I must wonder why your magic is so different from my own. They're both dark and horrid, but they're otherwise so different..."


  • She has lost control of her dark magic on at least one occasion.
  • She has a long scar on her chest, over her heart.
  • Both Nyx and Nala are based on Eightball's two favorite pygmies from her Pocket God game.
  • She is fully aware of and willing to help with Lamya's warp problems- especially since she also suffers from issues regarding dark magic, albeit of an entirely different sort.


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