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Niabi is a member of the Bloodhearts, physically the youngest of the group because infection with the Xenon Virus halted her aging. She's hotheaded and has a massive ego, and will take any opportunity to tease the others. She mostly targets Vanna, because she finds her angry responses hilarious. Despite her nasty attitude, most of the Bloodhearts do like having her around and have noted that she's surprisingly sweet when she's being genuine. Her favorite person is Agana, who she's grown attached to as a mother figure.

She died at only ten years old, killed by a blow to the head while trying to find shelter. She was separated from her parents during an outbreak of the A-Ani strain of Xenon Virus, and hasn't seen them-or her hometown- since. She wonders what happened to them quite frequently, but it usually doesn't cross her mind for very long. She is, however, somewhat jealous of Ceri maintaining contact with Diana.


Niabi wears a loose brown sweater with a cream stripe, clearly too big for her, and loose black shorts with black hi-tops. Her legs usually have several bandages on them- even though she knows she doesn't need them anymore, she still applies them, for childlike comfort reasons. Her hair is brown and frizzy, flipping up at the bottom and covering one of her eyes, and is soaked with blood from the skull-cracking blow that killed her. She refuses to let anyone wash her hair.


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  • Like most of the Bloodhearts, Niabi is inspired by a zombie NPC from Dead Ahead.
  • Her preferred weapon is a baseball bat. She's not the best at using it, though, and of the Bloodhearts she gets hurt the most often.


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