Nyx Centauri






Nonon Jakuzure [Kill la Kill] (english dub)

Balancer Alignment


Nyx Centauri is a young-adult girl, having moved to the Bladewood Grove along with Nala from the faraway (and much more dangerous) Divine Archipelago. Spunky, energetic and somewhat brash, she's also a huge sci-fi buff and loves watching sci-fi movies and playing similarly-themed video games. In her household, she is the only member that does not know any form of magic, instead preferring to fight with lasers and other futuristic weapons- that is, when she fights at all. She's by far the most cowardly in her house and will usually stay back in the face of any threat.

She and Nala are capable of regenerating, thanks to the red jewels they carry with them. They need these, as they are extremely unlucky.


Nyx has red hair, and wears it in a long braid, held by glowing blue rings. Her outfit is generally futuristically-themed; her dress is designed to look like a robotic suit of sorts. Alongside this she wears light silver-blue boots. She also has freckles.


  • "Aw, come on Nala, quit being such a grump."
  • "Mm? Oh, yeah, I heard about you and Lamya. It's cool, don't worry about it."
  • "Whoa whoa whoa, don't pull the trigger on that! That's a real laser gun!"


  • Both Nyx and Nala are based on Silvie's two favorite pygmies from her Pocket God game.
  • She's very much afraid of the dark.
  • Her last name is drawn from Alpha Centauri, the closest star to our solar system; chosen due to her space theme.


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