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Oblivion is the First God of death, and the current Reaper of Harmonia. He's actually a pretty cool guy most of the time, but his sense of justice is sharp- a little too sharp. He somehow knows exactly what souls entering the Afterlife have done throughout their life, and can send them to any of the three layers of the Afterlife- his, Mirrikh's, or Hisako's. He rules over the effective purgatory, Obsidius, where souls that did little good or bad shall go.

Oblivion sealed himself away in a crystal of onyx for millennia when the Diamas Harmonia was destroyed, and was freed when Orianne found him. He now lies somewhere between Nithya and the New Gods in importance, and thanks Orianne for freeing him.


Oblivion wears a large black hooded cloak over a blue, slightly ragged coat and tattered black pants, and he also wears a plague doctor mask concealing his face most of the time. He has several bird traits- large wings, feathered ears, and bird legs. His wings constantly have feathers falling out, but they grow back at an unusual rate. His hair is surprisingly fluffy, and black.


  • "Ah yes, here's your name...Murder, hm? I know exactly what do do with you..."
  • "Don't be afraid of me. I'm not going to hurt you."
  • "Death will eventually come to us all...even to the gods. I'm sorry."


  • Ravens with dull blue wings, eyes and legs are scattered around Harmonian Earth- these are Oblivion's patron animals and he created them. They serve as his messengers, letting him know what's going on around the world and if anyone is flagrantly attacking his name.
  • He has a vitriolic best buds relationship with Akyri. The two enjoy each other's presence, but insult and tease each other frequently and occasionally get into fights.
  • He often gets himself into various forms of trouble when bringing souls into any of the various regions of Infernus, usually involving the terrain or weather there, since he's not used to it. He most often gets stranded in the Mire and Tempest, and Mirrikh has to save him a lot.
  • He's somewhat anxious and tends to mentally overexaggerate things, seeing them as much bigger problems than they actually are. Due to this he's a poor problem-solver and tends to overreact.


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