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Cumulan Military

Raelyn is an adult woman currently living in Kingfisher Palace, having moved there from Byloth after a quest to find closure led her to meet Yin. She had been depressed and grieving for years after her mother passed away from disease, and she eventually went to the surface when the water level lowered somewhat to drop a bouquet of dried roses into the water above her old home. She was then taken in by Yin, and has lived in Kingfisher Palace since. She gets along quite well with Jasper, with the two of them frequently hanging out to play video games and trade collectables. Reese, less so- she gets quite annoyed whenever he starts practicing his music mixing.

Still shaken by her mother's death, she is determined to keep anything bad from happening to her Cumulan guardian, and has been undergoing swordfighting training with Jotun to protect Yin at all costs. While she hasn't learned everything and still fumbles from time to time, she is at least a competent swordswoman. When not unrestingly training or gaming with Jasper, she is an easygoing but adamant woman who doesn't have the best sense of sarcasm.


Raelyn has fluffy brown hair, and wears a green short-sleeved shirt, a brown high-waisted belt, a green skirt, and brown boots over mint green stockings. She also wears a chocolate brown scarf for sentimental reasons- it was a gift from her mother.

Her eyes are dull green.


  • "Yin, what time is it? I have no idea how long I've been training."
  • "My scarf? Uh...well, I'd rather not answer that. It's,'s highly personal."
  • "I'm no born champion, but I'll protect what I love with all my heart. I don't think I'd be able to handle losing someone close to me again."


  • She has most definitely called Yin "mom" at least once.
  • Adopted from Lpcarver. The character's originator was Lord Ravenscroft.
  • Her sword's hilt is made from a pearly pinkish marble material commonly found around Kingfisher Palace.


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