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Rocco is the effective "ruler" of the Mirror Sands. No one really knows exactly what he is; he showed up on the island one day without an explanation and has remained there since. No one has seen him without his blindfold; he has explained that he lost his eyes to the Great Sand Serpent in exchange for his power to control the desert sands. He spends most of his time riding through the desert on a wave of sand, and can hold the Sand Serpents under his control via his psammokinesis. He can also transform the sand into glass or sandstone at will.

He is very artistic and has created several things throughout the Mirror Sands, composed of sandstone and glass. The glass is quite shiny and polished-looking with a slight gem-like luster. He occasionally uses self-conjured, artificial sand serpents in the construction, to add extra flair. The most common object he constructs is a large spire of sandstone, holding up an orb of glass at the top.


Rocco wears a short-sleeved brown shirt, brown pants and brown boots, with a sandy yellow sash around his waist and a dark brown scarf. His skin is flecked with dark brown speckles, and he has large batlike ears, a single horn, and a fluff-tipped tail. He also wears a dark brown blindfold, to hide his missing eyes.


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