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Sashura is a forest guardian residing in Catpaw Woods, who was born from residual Cosmowurm magic and has existed for millennia. When humans started to explore the forest, he started taking on a humanoid form when they got particularly near, but tended to avoid people anyway out of a sense of worry and apprehension. When Felidae stumbled upon him, though, they mistook him for one of their own, since he looks a lot like a Felidae. So they took him in. He didn't quite understand why this clan of cat people was referring to him by the same name they used among themselves, but he's chill with any forest life, so he rolled with it. It wasn't until he transformed into his true form around them for the first time that they realized what they were dealing with. They'd always had legends about a huge, lithe-bodied cat creature passed down from generation to generation. They called him Blackclaw the Mighty, and revered him as a sacred protector of their tribe.

To be face to face with the great Blackclaw was something they never imagined would happen. Taken aback and dazzled, the entire clan quickly went from treating him like a fellow Felidae to like a god. Flattered, but somewhat uncomfortable with being worshipped, Sashura kindly requested that they treat him like a clanmember; a chief at most. So it was. Sashura now guards the clan and happily interacts with its members, usually staying in his humanoid form but shifting into his true form when the moment calls for it. Human tales still circle around about Catpaw Woods being stalked by a massive, snakelike figure, and Sashura is effectively a cryptid to them- everyone wants to find him and prove that he really exists, and isn't just a myth. Humans call him the Catpaw Monster. He has caught wind of this, and while slightly offended at being called a "monster", he's quite amused with the theories and speculation that humans throw around about him, and loves to learn what stories humans are telling even now.


Sashura's true form is of a lithe, lightly furred otterlike creature, with large brown horns that resemble tree branches, a thick, lighter black mane, and a blue spiral gem on his chest. His humanoid form resembles a Felidae, albeit with lower-set ears. He wears a brown rock-patterned shirt, light yellow pants, and a blue necklace that resembles his true form's chest gem.


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