Sirenne Lazuli




Imperial Dragon


Princess Celestia [MLP]

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 Sirenne Lazuli was an eastern dragon, and former queen of Windsong. She was very collected and cool, and was a gentle, benevolent ruler. However, she was fully capable of being stern if she had to be- as her punishment to Elidra showed. She always switched into a humanoid form when visiting those that live below, for fear that the locals would be afraid of her if she flew down from Windsong in full dragon.

In The Horror's Seal, Sirenne was killed, and Faroku took her place as ruler. She lives on as a ghost in Castle Windsong, however.


In her dragon form, Sirenne had shiny, iridescent aqua scales, and an azure mane (alongside azure wings with ripple-current patterns on them). She also had seafoam smoke patterns across her body. Her humanoid form carried these traits as well. Said humanoid form had an aqua dress, with azure patterns on it, azure heels, and azure hair. She had very light blue eyeshadow in this form as well.


Born to a nest of royal Imperial dragons, Sirenne was disappointed in the state of the world around her. Her father was a controlling ruler, and the fledgling kingdom was already damaged by his style of leadership. After observing the damage he did for years, she plotted a clever plan. One day, she told her father that there was a secret treasure in a cave neither of them had ever entered. Her gullible father believed her, and slithered into the never return. Sirenne, being the oldest of her siblings, was therefore the heir to the throne, and she took her place as queen with pride. She named the young kingdom Windsong, and her benevolent style of ruling has kept Windsong a peaceful skyworld ever since.


  • "Darling, I don't wish to hurt you."
  • "You've pushed me to my breaking point."
  • "Did you forget to hang up the Windsong Gala banners again, Akira?"


  • Personality-wise, she was comparable to Princess Celestia.
  • She was slightly vain, but it didn't get in the way of much.
  • She was ace/aro and confused by romantic advances upon her.


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