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My punk trash child




Spirit of chaos; can manifest in human or Nocturne forms


Sugilite [Steven Universe]

Balancer Alignment


Thana is a spirit of chaos, a foil to Zhiara, and a former resident of Akira's body before manifesting her own. As of now she may manifest as either a punk-style woman or a purple-and-gold Nocturne; whichever form she would prefer to take on at any given time. She is rude, aggressive, and one of the biggest trolls on the planet, enjoying doing things specifically to make people angry and see how they react to her antics. Unlike Zhiara, when she split from Akira's body, she chose to strike off to the Void, only occasionally returning to mess with- or, more rarely, threaten- the Heroes. She currently lives on Eiko.


When part of Akira, the changes she would make to Akira's outfit were simple- she did nothing to the basic format of the outfit, but darkened and desaturated the colors, as well as changing the hearts and stars on her outfit to more "evil" forms of those symbols.

Her standalone form wears a spiked, cropped purple jacket over a lighter purple, tattered shirt, bearing the symbol of chaos on the front. She wears simple, purple pants and very dark bluish-purple shoes, as well. Her wings are draconic, purple-and-gold, with sharp wing thumbs. She wears her hair in a sidecut.


  • "What? You want some more?! I'm willing to give that to you!"
  • "This is SO MUCH FUN. You guys are hilarious to mess with!"
  • "Awww, quit being so monotonous! It's not as fun when you don't react!"


  • She's capable of fusing with any being to give them a mixed form. However, since she isn't integrated with them like she used to be, the fuses have an equal mix of both her standalone appearance and her partner's appearance. She can fuse with Zhiara to produce a balanced being, but she rarely, if ever, does this.
  • She has a burning hatred for Zhiara and fled to Eiko to avoid her.


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