The Experiment was a massive soul-powered supercomputer built in a now-condemned factory, well below the surface of Byloth. The scientists who created it disappeared shortly after its invention, and their current whereabouts are unknown. The computer currently rests deactivated in the factory, rusted and unused for years upon years.

Five men were chosen from the tunnels and invited to test the machine. They were told that it would give them access to a whole new world, and make them powerful in a way they never could have imagined...but they were lied to. The Experiment was a horrible thing, but no one remembers what it was meant for. The five men were locked into the machine, given no directives, and abandoned, as a colorless, odorless gas filled the chamber. The intention- as the five were told- was to come back after a few days and see what the machine had done to them...but they were forgotten about, or so it seemed.

As the years went on, the unfortunate souls festered and deteriorated, and it seemed like the chamber was growing smaller every day. Finally, the five of them turned on each other. They fought relentlessly. And they killed each other. They killed each other...but yet, somehow, they survived anyway. The vapors that had flooded the room from the beginning kept their souls stable and unbroken. They were transported into five tubes atop the machine, connected to pipes that seemed to reach up forever.

And a bright green screen flickered on.

The five communicate with the outside world and with each other via this screen, and they speak without rest even if no one is there. They refer to each soul by a Greek letter- from Alpha to Epsilon. Their rambling is disorganized and makes no sense, but a few phrases seem to keep recurring. Despite their constant speaking over each other and their fractured mental state, the souls are still able to recognize faces and be familiar with people they've seen before.

The five souls are eventually set free by Adeline, who they have come to accept as one of their own. They call her Zeta, keeping with the only names they remember being called. They were reconstructed by another invention in the same factory, with the exception of Alpha, whose soul self-destructed upon being placed in the machine. No one knows why.

The Souls

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