Titanim is a sprawling metropolis in Neo Skylands, guarded from weather and attack by a massive, honeycombed hard-light dome. Its populace is nearly entirely robotic, composed mostly of human-built robots who chose to live their own lives, as well as robot-made petbots created from scrap material. Massive skyscrapers reach to the top of the dome, black as night and alight with blue circuit patterns, while below the surface, a stasis-tube-filled subterranean lab is used for tinkering with cyborgs and other manipulation of organic life.

After being lifted into Skylands post-Gaia's hatching, the city has become a massive economic contributor, among the biggest producers of robotic augments and similar things. Their courier-bots, like Jacqui, are also a commonplace site, darting through the sky on their mail routes through day and night alike.


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