Unknown/????? is a planet positioned so deep in the Void that no ship can even get close to it without navigation systems failing and Chazotin Sickness forming in all its passengers. An ocean of purple Chazotin coats the planet's surface, stretching in fibrous veins across the dark black, grassless soil. The planet is also surrounded with massive globs of Chazotin, making it look like nothing but a dripping ball of the stuff from space. No life lives here- the planet is too far gone to be able to support even corrupted life at this point. Little is known about the planet since it cannot be explored, but it is believed to be Rahhoxahr's home base, as it typically retreats back there after one of its killing/corrupting sprees. According to some ancient Zaknon records, this planet used to be their home- but these records are in an ancient dialect of Zaknon that is only barely translatable into modern Zaknon.