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Vanna Silver is a retired gold driller, wandering around with the Bloodhearts more often than not. She has a very short temper, and is very easy to annoy. When angered, she often remains angry for a long time. While she is very aggressive and difficult to make friends with because of her anger, when you're friends with her, hoo boy, you are friends. She is an exceptionally good friend and cares deeply about each and every one of her friends, to the point that sometimes she can seem a little overbearing and almost dorky. She is extremely protective and won't let her friends get hurt on her watch.

Her, Bambi and Ceri are effectively the main defenders of the Bloodhearts, working effectively together to keep their home base safe and their friends-and each other- from getting hurt. Her preferred weapon is a pistol, being the long-range member of the trio.

She has several memories of her time working on the mining field, alongside Bambi. She loves to tell stories about the things that happened while she was there, but there are a few incidents that she doesn't like talking about and will avoid mentioning. Only a couple of the Bloodhearts, like Ceri, are close enough to her to know what these tales consist of.


Vanna wears quite a lot of purple. She wears a lavender short-sleeved shirt, with a darker purple vest over that, and light purple shorts. Alongside this she wears fairly long white gloves, and dark purple boots. She has blonde hair, usually styled into a ponytail. Occasionally, she wears blue eyeshadow, but this is usually for formal occasions. Her face has a few scars on it, supposedly from accidents while she was still working as a gold driller. There's also usually a couple bandages on her somewhere. There's a pretty long scar on her back that she refuses to explain, though a few other Bloodhearts have noticed that she tends to have anxiety attacks when Ceri gets angry.

She's 5'0 and full of rage.


  • "You so much as scratch that kid, and I will shoot your sorry ass."
  • "The fact that I'm somehow taller than you makes me happy."
  • "Ugh, fuck...sorry, it's pretty bad. You can still patch me up, can't you?"


  • Vanna is based upon Claire, from the mobile game Gold Diggers.
  • She curses like a sailor.
  • She has very bad heat tolerance. It's not uncommon for her to grow dizzy on particularly hot summer days.


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