Genderless; shows self as female





Balancer Alignment


Vatenor is the New God of the hunt, and the very first faun in the Windsong universe. While snarky and somewhat irritable, she is extremely caring towards animals and will do anything to protect any animal that doesn't deserve to be hurt. She rarely visits the Harmonia Temple, instead wandering across the universe to visit animals on numerous planets and play with them.

As goddess of the hunt, she believes that animals may be killed if another species needs it- it's the natural progression of energy, after all- and taught sentient species all across the universe how to hunt for food, but she hates people who hunt for sport, seeing it as a waste and harmful to the animal populace. In moderation, she tolerates it, but if an animal population is actually damaged by hunting, a hunter might go out one day to find that the herd they were planning to get something from has mysteriously disappeared...


Vatenor wears a stylistically tattered tan shirt with a white deer hoofprint on the chest. Her lower half is replaced with the hind legs of a deer, with fawn spots still present- she also has patches of fur on her cheeks and deer ears. She also has an eyepatch, a rhodochrosite pendant, and gold bracelets with rhodochrosite on the bottom. Her hair is brown and unkempt, and an antler-like horn sprouts from her forehead.


  • She absolutely despises anyone who abuses animals, and often punishes them severely while taking their pet from them. She has a room in the Harmonia Temple full of these rescues, that she has set up to magically expand with the more pets she puts in there. She periodically comes back here to play with them.
  • Her favorite rescued pet is a buck she's named Alto. (Yes, some people have pet deer.)
  • She has some sort of allergy to Pure Aura and the Angel Aura crystals that form from it, usually coming down with Aura Flu after minimal contact, despite being neutrally-aligned. This is a problem, since she loves the way Angel Aura crystals look and would probably deck out her room with them if she wasn't allergic.
  • She loves crystals and gemstones in general. Banded rhodochrosite is her favorite, and she wears it in a pendant and on her bracelets.


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