Balancer Alignment


Yamila is a zombie who has no memory of her past and only a tiny bit of sapience left, much like Monifa. She was killed in a car accident, though she was merely a bystander. She was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and shrapnel from the crash flew her way and took her head off, alongside utterly mutilating the rest of her body. She has several scars across her body thanks to this. Her head is held on loosely by the zombie virus's rapid healing, and she can take it off with some effort. She cannot keep it off for more than a few minutes, though.

She hasn't re-learned speech yet like Monifa has, but she is generally rather friendly. She's by far the most dangerous of the Bloodhearts, however; she mostly runs on impulse and instinct. Being around her for too long is a gamble in the same way keeping a tiger as a pet is a gamble- she could be perfectly calm and happy one moment, and tearing you to shreds the next.


Yamila wears a heavily tattered shirt that looks like it might have been white once- it's stained deeply with blood. She also wears equally tattered blue jeans, and nothing else. Her hair is frizzy and brown. Her bloody red eyes are slightly unusual; it's a non-fatal but rather painful bacterial infection in zombies. It clears up in most zombies after a short while, but with Yamila it never seems to go away. Whether this is related to her cause of death or not is unknown.


  • [Yamila can't speak- yet.]


  • Yamila was adopted from Rasd.


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