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Yin is a Cumulan born in Kingfisher Palace, and is the current guardian of Raelyn. While searching the flooded surface of Abylos for any stranded life, she stumbled across Raelyn grieving for her deceased mother, and having not had any significant social contact in quite some time, she decided to take her in. She is careful and gentle with Raelyn, trying her best to care for her and her continuing grief. While she tends to worry herself sick about Raelyn's safety, her skills as a medic from Kingfisher Palace's more militant times help her calm her nerves- she knows she can likely save her if something goes wrong.

Sweet and gentle, Yin will protect anyone she's close to with everything she's got- but, unfortunately, she hasn't got much, as she was raised as a Kingfisher Palace medic and has no battle training. Both her and Raelyn work equally hard to protect and heal each other, caring deeply on both ends. Yin occasionally attends Jotun's training sessions, but she feels that Raelyn understands much better than she does and tends to hang back- her fear of sharp weapons doesn't help matters. They both feel this might come back to bite them someday, unfortunately.


Yin's skin is slightly shiny and is a very dull blue-grey tone, and her hair is long, sleek and dark green. She wears a jade top with a green bolero, a ruffled teal skirt, a green belt, and blue-and-white heels. Like most Cumulans, she has large wings of light that she can manifest at will- hers are white. Her eyes are jade-green.


  • "I promise, I'll take care of you as well as I can."
  • "I'm...slightly nervous around sharp objects. I'll leave this to Raelyn."
  • "Jotun, are you sure this is the best thing for her? I'm afraid she'll get hurt someday."


  • n/a atm


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