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Zal'xon is a bizarre creature from the depths of space, capable of frightening things that most Earthly creatures don't quite understand. For the most part, his mere presence confuses and frightens humans and some other Earth beings, but fairies like Capilla- as well as Eikolk and Zaknon- can understand him just fine. Each of his numerous eyes is capable of a different magic, from fire to petrification to insta-kill to even hypnosis. He can activate these at will, and only uses one or two at a time. Currently, he lives on Windian Earth with the New Heroes of Windsong, after being tipped off to the planet's existence by a frazzled Elidra. He dearly loves his caretakers, even if Mahogany and Cindy are more than a little disturbed by him, and will protect the planet at all costs. He spends most of his time aimlessly drifting around the planet.


Zal'xon is utterly massive, capable of resting with his body curled around the base of a mountain. He is lavender, with large fins that are transparent, patterned and pink in the center. His anatomy is very dolphinlike, blowhole and all, beyond his fins and his ridiculous number of eyes. Capilla hasn't even bothered to count them, usually just responding with "Too many" when asked how many he has, but she estimates that he has at least 25 or so. His blowhole emits a pink gas that seems to have no effect on most Windian beings, but causes sneezing fits in humans. This stops coming out if he is sick or depressed.


  • [Zal'xon speaks in an incomprehensible, untranslatable language spoken only by his deep-space brethren.]


  • Zal'xon was created through a "Fursona Generator" that is frequently used on Tumblr.


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