Spirit of order; manifests as either human or Skydancer


Rose Quartz [Steven Universe]

Balancer Alignment


Zhiara is a spirit of order, a foil to Thana, and a former resident of Akira's body before manifesting her own. As of now she may manifest as either a beautiful woman or a pure white Skydancer; whichever form she would prefer to take on at any given time. She is calm, motherly, and gentle; kind of an embodiment of good, if you will. While she has her own body and such, unlike Thana she has chosen to live alongside Akira and provide assistance to her when she needs it. However, she can be a touch overbearing, and is usually told off when she is; she apologizes promptly when this happens.


When part of Akira, the changes she would make to Akira's outfit were simple- she altered it to be somewhat kimono-esque, with a white-and-gold color scheme that carried to the rest of her. Her wings would also gain armor atop them.

Her standalone form's outfit consists of a white-and-gold layered dress, with a heart symbol in the center of her chest composed of swirls- similar yet different to Akira. She also wears a tiara, with a green gem in the center. Her wings are white and much larger than Akira's, and her hair is blonde and slightly curly. Her eyes are green and very soft.


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  • "Akira, dear, are you alright? Do you need anything?...Okay, I understand. I shall leave it to Orianne."
  • "Foul creature, you will destroy no longer. We know the way to end you once and for all- and that way is here, that time is now!”
  • "You see, what matters isn't what we did to you. What matters is you. You aren't us. You are a person on your own."


  • She's capable of fusing with any being to give them a mixed form. However, since she isn't integrated with them like she used to be, the fuses have an equal mix of both her standalone appearance and her partner's appearance. She can fuse with Thana to produce a balanced being, but she rarely, if ever, does this.
  • She has a burning hatred for Thana and protects the Heroes from her at all costs.


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